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June 2006
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echo_of_my_soul [userpic]

I'm not one of those people who reads a lot of fanfic. I see a lot out there that I want to read, and then just never get around to it. I usually have to be in a very specific mood to want to read fic.

Well, I'm there now, and I have no idea how to go about searching out good stuff. I'm scared of trolling through the flist and the flist's flist, because I might get lost and never find my way out. LOL So, recs?

Rec me just about anything Angel-related, I'm in a mood to try anything. The only thing I don't care for is boyslash, as I like regular slash *grins at wisdomeagle* just fine. (Although I will read Wes/Gunn and Spike with either Wes or Gunn.) I especially love anything with Faith, as most of you know, but I'm also liking Fred a lot more now, with pretty much anyone (Cordy or Lilah, Angel or Wes or Gunn, etc.), and I'm in a strange mood to read Connor/female-other-than-Cordy fic.

So, really, I'm open for almost anything that's set within the Angel series. Even if you think I wouldn't normally read it, rec it anyway. I want to read stuff that I haven't read before, whether it's by my flist or my flist's flist or my flist's flist's flist. I trust you guys to point me in the direction of quality writing. :)

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Yes, I remember the ficlet requests. I have ideas for all of them, but have not committed them to laptop just yet. They will be posted prior to midnight Saturday, as promised.

Current Mood: blahblah

Perhaps my favorite novel length fic (if you haven't read already): Kungai (Wes/Gunn). I did crack_van recs back in October of my favorite AtS stuff and of course there's always my website, which is full of recs. Or my new favorite toy.

Thank you for these! They are definitely saved for when I have time to read lots of fic. And I haven't read the Wes/Gunn because I have only very recently started enjoying that 'ship enough to be willing to read boyslash fics, but I will get to it.