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June 2006
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echo_of_my_soul [userpic]
"Memories Not Forgotten" Faith/Cordelia, NC-17

Title: "Memories Not Forgotten"
Author: Echo
Email: halo_and_horns@mail.com
Characters/Pairings: Faith, Connor, references to Connor/Cordelia, explicit Faith/Cordelia
Classification: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1881
Disclaimer: They are the brilliant creation of one Mr. Joss Whedon. I make no profit, so don't get on my case about using them for my own purposes. After all, I'm being nicer to them than Joss ever was.
Summary: Faith has good memories. She shares them with Connor.
Warning: Has brief mentions of het/male sexuality.
Notes: Written for tinpanalley in femslash_santa. Hope you like it, love!

"Y'know, moping and brooding may be your dad's style, but he's got the hots to back it up. The way you do it, it's not going to get you the girl."

Connor jerked at the voice that broke through his solitude, glaring at the woman who'd strolled into his room as if it were hers. "What are you talking about?" he sneered.

Faith smirked as she straddled the crate sitting at the end of the bed. "Queen C. Daddy's got her, you want her."

Connor's face darkened. He drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, laying his cheek on one, his face turned away from her. "I don't want to talk about it," he said, his voice muffled.

Faith stood up. "Okay," she said with a shrug, as if it didn't matter to her one way or the other. "I was just going to give you some advice, but whatever. You want to keep trying and failing with your sullen boy attitude, that's your deal. I just thought I might help you get laid sometime this century."

Connor raised his head, eyeing her skeptically. She waited in the silence, matching his stare evenly. Finally, he broke.

"What do you know about it?"

Faith sat back down, her gaze still appraising him. "What do I know about what, kid? The situation? Your dad's way with the ladies? Or how to get Cordelia to bend over and grab her ankles?"

Connor's jaw dropped open in astonishment. "You… She doesn't… Cordelia wouldn't…" he spluttered, unable to form a coherent thought.

Faith snickered. "I know, I have a way with words, right? You wouldn't think Miss I'm-So-Much-Better-Than-Everybody would have a dirty side like that. She looks like she's a straight vanilla fuck. But trust me, short shit, I have plenty of fond memories of Cordelia Chase sprawled facedown over a table in the library, naked as a Playboy centerfold, thighs spread wide and dripping wet pussy bared to the world."

Connor gaped, his mouth working but no sound coming out. Faith's eyebrow rose when she glanced at his crotch. "Damn, kid. You pop a boner like that this quick, you aren't even going to last through story-telling hour without blowing your load."

He flushed scarlet and squirmed uncomfortably, trying to escape her laughing eyes. "So you and Cordelia," he said, trying to distract her. He couldn't keep the jealousy out of his voice, and Faith zeroed in on it immediately.

"Yeah, me and the queen," she affirmed. "You play your cards right, you'll get her, too."

Connor took a deep breath and leaned forward, his eyes locking onto Faith's. They gleamed bright with interest, lust, and urgency. "Tell me," he asked. "Tell me what happened, how you got her, how I can get her."

Faith shrugged. "It's simple. Cordelia respects authority and power. Her entire life she's been trying to cozy up to the people who have it so that she can get it herself."

Connor frowned, his eyebrows drawing together. "I don't get it."

Faith rolled her eyes. "Duh, small fry. You show her power, act like you can do whatever the fuck you want to her, and she'll not only like it, she'll beg you for it. The first time she went down on me, I basically told her to."

Connor perked up. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. She and I were sitting in the library, waiting for B and her crew. They were off doing their own thing, but Cordy and I didn't know that. We thought we were showing up for duty, and we were sitting there, not doing shit. I don't know, I made some smart-ass comment or something, and Cordelia started in on her bitchy little sniping. Finally I just snapped. I was like, 'Ya know what? Your mouth is really starting to piss me off, so you got two options. One, you can bury it in my pussy and make me come, or you can glue your lips together and quit making noise.' She was so fucking shocked, she really did shut up for almost a whole minute."

"What did she do?" Connor asked eagerly.

Faith's eyes twinkled. "She went into a royal shrieking fit. Freaked right the fuck out. It was hilarious. After she ranted at me for like twenty or thirty seconds, I just grabbed her hair and kissed the hell out of her. She let me, too. She didn't kiss back at first, but when I slid my hands under her shirt and unhooked her bra, she kinda got into it. She's a great kisser when she tries, by the way. Something to look forward to."

Connor's eyes were closed as he imagined the scene, and Faith watched him for a moment. "Y'know, I don't care if you jack off if you need to. Just as long as you don't get come on me."

His eyes popped open, and he flushed. "I'm good," he said, his voice a little strained. "Keep going."

"So we were kissing, and I was starting to get a little wet. I'd been doing a little fantasizing about Queen C for a while, but I didn't figure she'd even consider fucking around with me. But here she was, kissing me and letting me play with her tits, so I pressed the advantage. I figured the worst she could do was stop. So I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off, and damn, all I could think was how gorgeous her breasts were. I knew they'd taste as good as they looked, so I started sucking on one of her nipples. She made these breathy little moaning sounds, and I almost started dripping, I was so hot for her."

Faith was lost in the memories. She'd pretty much forgotten that Connor was there, and she was reliving every sensation she'd experienced all those years ago.

"I was licking her nipples and tugging on them with my teeth, and she had her hands in my hair, pulling me against her breasts. My hands had to have something to do, so I grabbed her ass and started massaging it through her skirt. She was getting squirmy, and I knew she wanted me, too. So I stood up and got behind her, bending her over the table so that her naked breasts were pushing into the wood. Her skirt was so short, when she bent over the table it rode up so that I could see the little lace thong she was wearing."

Faith had unconsciously unzipped her jeans and slipped her hand inside them, her fingers seeking out her clit and rubbing it rhythmically. She groaned a little as she continued with her recollections.

"I got on my knees and spread her thighs with my hands, and I could smell her. She was dripping wet, her panties were soaked, and she was arching her hips back, trying to get closer to me. So I pulled her thong down and worked two of my fingers into her pussy, fucking her with them. She kept crying out and rocking her body against me, trying to get my fingers in deeper, and I was playing with her clit. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her pussy to my face, and I started licking her as fast as I could. I buried my tongue in her pussy and sucked on her clit, and she thrust her hips against me, fucking my tongue. She was gasping and crying out and then she let out this really long, drawn-out wail, and she came against my face. God, she tasted so fucking good."

Faith's breathing was erratic as she slid her fingers inside her own pussy, pumping them in and out while she remembered the look on Cordelia's face when she came.

"It was so incredible. Cordelia just kind of collapsed against the table, and she stared at me with this wide-eyed, dazed look. I was like, 'That was fun, but now I want you to eat me out.' She started to protest, but I got a little rough with her. I grabbed her and pulled her up, and told her if she wanted to come like that again, she was going to have to return the favor. I like eating pussy, but I'll be damned if I'm going to do all the giving and none of the getting. So I stripped off my leather pants and sat on the edge of the table, and I spread my legs wide so she could have better access to my pussy."

Faith was getting close to the edge of orgasm, so she slowed the rapid pace of her fingers down. She ran her fingertips over her pussy lazily, trying to ward off her climax until she was ready.

"Cordelia gave me this look like she wasn't sure what to do, so I told her to get on her knees. She did, and her tits were heaving and they were gorgeous and I almost came just watching them. But then she lowered her face to my pussy, and holy shit. She might not have eaten pussy before, but she was a total natural. She had her fingers inside me, and her thumb was rubbing my clit, and her tongue kept tracing my pussy lips. Then I told her I wanted her to tongue-fuck me, so she pulled her fingers out and dove right in. She was licking and sucking and it felt so fucking good and I was so hot and so wet that I just came. I exploded all over her face and she licked up every last drop."

Faith's voice trailed off as she spread her legs and began working her fingers into her pussy as fast as she could. Her breath hitched and her eyes closed tightly and her moans got louder and louder until she convulsed, her body clenching around her fingers as she came around them.

She opened her eyes and saw that Connor had been mimicking her and had his hand wrapped around his cock, his fingers covered in his own release. Faith let out a breathless chuckle.

"Queen C and I fucked like bunnies for the rest of her senior year, up until I teamed up with the Mayor and wasn't allowed in the Scooby Gang anymore. Some of the best memories I have in my life are of her eating me out like a pro, or me using this strap-on dildo I bought just for her, bending her over the library table and fucking the shit out of her. And every time, I totally dominated her. She completely got off on me making her do whatever I wanted her to."

Faith stood up, zipping her jeans and giving Connor a half-grin. "Good luck, kid. I know from experience that Cordelia Chase is a hell of a good fuck. Maybe you'll get to find that out first-hand."

"Thanks, Faith," Connor managed as he stood up, grabbing a towel and cleaning himself off. "I'll try your advice."

"See ya, Con," she said, leaving his room and shutting the door behind her. She paused for only a moment before heading to another room.

She swung the door open without knocking and smiled predatorily. "Hey, Cordy." Her eyes gleamed with a wicked light. "Get on your knees."

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