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echo_of_my_soul [userpic]
"Like a Memory", Buffy/Nina, FRAO

Title: "Like a Memory"
Author: Echo
Email: halo_and_horns@mail.com
Characters/Pairings: Nina/Buffy
Classification: A little angst, a little romance, a little porn.
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 1,989
Disclaimer: They are the brilliant creation of one Mr. Joss Whedon. I make no profit, so don't get on my case about using them for my own purposes. After all, I'm being nicer to them than Joss ever was.
Summary: "I want to dive into your ocean/Is it raining with you?"
Notes: Written for southernbangel for the Nina round at femslash_minis. Title and summary from the Eurythmics' "Here Comes the Rain Again". Request at end. Sorry I'm so late in posting, Lee-it kept growing on me. (If this weren't femslash, I'd make a joke here... :D)

Nina hadn't had a good reason for flying to Italy. She hadn't had a good reason for leaving her sister and her niece, who were more than a little confused already as to why they'd left their home with no warning and no explanation. She hadn't had a good reason for seeking out her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

Unless you thought said boyfriend dying while trying to save the world, or at least L.A., (and really, if you thought about it, L.A. was the last place that could be saved) was a good reason. She'd figured it was.

She'd had no idea what to expect when she landed in Rome. She'd called ahead, let Giles know she was coming. (Oh yes, she knew about Giles. She knew about Willow, and Xander, and Faith. She'd done a little bit of calling and a lot of networking-if she'd been an actress, she'd have put the rest of the Hollywood movers and shakers to shame.) She hadn't told him why she was on her way, just that it had to do with Angel and she had to talk to Buffy and it was important. Giles, as she'd quickly learned, picked up on what she wasn't saying and agreed to take her to Buffy's when she arrived.

Nina had wanted to tour Italy, had wanted to soak up the culture and the art and the food and the gorgeous old buildings. She'd wanted to do anything but talk to Buffy about Angel.

But she was stronger than that. She wouldn't be avoid-y, as she'd heard Fred say once. (She hadn't known Fred was talking about Angel, or his issues with his feelings for Nina.) For once, she'd let the strength of the wolf inside her dictate what she did.

She hadn't known at the time how hard it would be to stand in front of Buffy, knowing what she knew.

Giles had thoughtfully cleared out. He'd taken Dawn with him, and left Nina and Buffy in the apartment she shared with Dawn. Buffy had stared at Nina, a frown on her beautiful face, knowing that Nina didn't come bearing good news.

"I was Angel's girlfriend."

Nina didn't mean to blurt that out. It wasn't the best introduction, and she knew full well that wolf or not, Buffy could kick her ass.

"So what, it's a club now?"

Nina had almost smiled. She'd learned that Buffy was a quick wit, and the description was an apt one.

"It really doesn't matter. I just thought that you might understand more why I came, instead of telling you over the phone."

"Tell me what?" The voice was wary, the look hardened. Nina swallowed.

"Did Angel tell you about his plan for the Senior Partners?"

"You mean the ones running the evil law firm that he just happened to take over?"

Bitterness. Anger. Betrayal and mistrust. Nina hadn't expected those. She'd thought that Buffy would have trusted Angel, like Nina herself had when Angel had told her to get the hell (literally) out of L.A.

Apparently not.

"Yeah, those ones." She'd taken a deep breath. "I guess you didn't know that Angel was doing everything he could to take them out, from the inside."

"He mentioned it. It was hard to believe him, knowing he'd taken the apartment with the view and the fancy sports cars. It seemed like he'd sold his soul. I guess it wasn't such a hard sell for him. It's not like he worked hard to get it-he didn't even want it in the first place."

Nina hadn't expected the rush of fury that geysered through her. "How in the hell can you say that?" she cried. "You of all people should know what Angel's soul meant to him. I didn't know him well, but I knew that no matter how he got it, he worked hard to keep it."

Buffy's breath caught. Nina watched her face pale as realization hit. "You're talking in the past tense."

Nina's face softened. "Angel died while implementing a plan to take out the Senior Partners. That part of it worked. The hordes of demons that swarmed L.A., well, there were just too many of them." That, she'd gotten from Gunn. He'd been the last one left, and fading fast when she found him. He'd lived only long enough to tell her what had happened, and to tell her she had to let Buffy know about Angel. It was the last thing he could do for his friend.

Nina watched, her heart hurting, as Buffy's face crumpled. She took a helpless step forward, wanting to ease Buffy's pain as the blonde sank onto her couch, sobbing into her hands. She sat down beside Buffy, reaching out to take her hand. Surprisingly, the Slayer didn't pull away, instead clutching Nina's hand as if it was a lifeline.

Over the next couple weeks, that was exactly what Nina became. She was the most shocked of all of them that Buffy continued to need her. From everything she'd heard, everything she'd found out, the first thing Buffy did when she was suffering was shut others out. The only thing Nina could figure was that because they had Angel as a common link, Buffy looked to her to help ease the pain.

Eventually Buffy had stopped crying when she thought about Angel. She'd no longer come to Nina's room in the middle of the night, needing to talk about him. Instead, she'd come to Nina's room in the middle of the night just to talk. To learn who Nina was. She'd realized that she'd been living with a woman for weeks and didn't know anything about her other than who she'd once been. To Nina's surprise, Buffy had felt guilty for using Nina simply as a sounding board for her grief. Nina had believed that was the only reason she was there to begin with.

She'd started to think about going home. Buffy didn't need her anymore, not for remembering Angel. And Nina was afraid that Buffy was beginning to need her just to exist. She didn't want to be anyone's crutch.

She remembered the day it had rained. Buffy had been so annoyed because they'd had plans to go out and wander the city, with no specific destination. Nina had loved watching the rain shimmer down the panes of glass in the windows, and hadn't cared that their plans for the day were ruined.

Grinning impishly, she'd grabbed Buffy's hand and pulled her outside. Buffy had bitched about the rain, standing there with her wet hair plastered to her head and rainwater streaming down her face. Nina had giggled and run out into the empty street, throwing her arms out and spinning crazily.

"C'mon, Buffy!" she'd called, her eyes bright and dancing and her heart pumping wildly as she spun. "Have some fun! Live a little!" The raindrops flying off of her glittered, creating a dazzling shimmer around her.

She hadn't noticed the way Buffy paused, looking at her. She hadn't noticed when Buffy stopped bitching and starting walking closer.

She'd noticed when Buffy's soft hand landed on her wrist. She'd stopped dancing in the rain.

She'd definitely noticed when Buffy's lips slid against hers.

The rain had been warm, but Nina had shivered as chills raced through her, sending electric sparks sizzling into her brain and... Well, other places. She'd felt as if she were moving in slow-motion, drifting through a dream-like state, as she'd brought her hands up to Buffy's shoulders and pulled her closer.

The taste of Buffy's skin, her lips and tongue and the heat of her mouth, had been intoxicating. Nina had pulled back, her head swimming, buzzing and swirling and dipping as if she was drunk.

She'd grinned stupidly as Buffy's hands had curled over her hips, fingers biting into tender flesh and probably bruising, but Nina hadn't cared. She'd only thought about devouring Buffy.

Somehow, and this part was still fuzzy, they had stumbled their way back into the apartment, clutching at each other and tearing away sodden clothes. They'd laughed wildly as they fell over each other, attempting to peel away fabric molded to skin with rainwater.

And in moments, the cool chill of the water was replaced with a searing heat. Nina licked tiny droplets off of Buffy's neck, causing the younger woman to groan. "I want to taste all of you," Nina breathed, the warmth brushing over Buffy's skin, making her shiver.

"I want to return the favor," Buffy replied, but the words were lost in her moan when Nina's mouth closed over one breast. Her teeth grazed against the nipple and Buffy arched her back, driving her breast further between Nina's lips. She lifted one hand and tugged at her other nipple.

Nina eased back, gazing at Buffy's naked, supple body with reverent adoration. She put her hands on the Slayer's knees, spreading them gently and sliding her hands up the inside of Buffy's thighs. Buffy shivered and groaned as Nina's thumbs met at her wet lips, sliding over her clit and rubbing lazily.

"Oh God, Nina," she choked out. "God, that feels..."

"Amazing?" Nina supplied, grinning.

Buffy nodded, her eyes closed and a blissful smile ghosting onto her lips.

Nina leaned forward, inhaling deeply. There were times she was grateful for her wolf's stronger senses, and this was one of them. The scent of Buffy's arousal was overpowering, clouding her senses. She dipped her head, her tongue seeking the tiny bundle of sensitized nerves, and Buffy cried out when Nina's lips closed around it.

Nina slid a finger inside Buffy, pumping slowly. She laughed when Buffy clenched around her, trying to get closer to the pleasure Nina was offering. Nina took pity on her and added a second finger, then a third. Buffy thrust against Nina's hand, gasping and moaning as the pressure built within her.

Nina refocused her attention on Buffy's clit, licking and sucking and tugging gently on it. She swirled the tip of her tongue around it, teasing Buffy.

"Oh God, Nina, please," Buffy cried, arching harder.

"Please what, Buffy?" Nina asked breathlessly, grinning as she pulled her face away from Buffy's pussy.

Buffy grabbed Nina's shoulders and brought her mouth back down. "Please make me come!" she begged.

"My pleasure," Nina murmured, curling her fingers inside Buffy and thrusting roughly.

Buffy screamed as she came, the pleasure splintering through her like white-hot lightning. Nina sat back, a self-satisfied smirk on her face as she sucked on her fingers, one by one.

Buffy took a deep breath as she floated back to earth. She blinked hazily while her eyes regained their focus. She saw Nina sitting beside her, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"I guess I'm staying."

"I guess you are."

Nina smiled at the memory. It was one of her favorites, although there'd been a lot of contenders in the past year. Most of them ended like that one, with them panting and out of breath and covered in a sheen of sweat that came from really mind-blowing sex.

"Hey, Neen."

Nina glanced up, only now noticing that Buffy'd come in. "Hey, baby."

Buffy plopped down on the couch, curling up against Nina and laying her head on her girlfriend's breast. "What were you thinking of? You looked like you were in outer space."

Nina smiled as she combed her fingers through Buffy's silky hair. "I was just remembering when I first came to Rome."

Buffy's hand slid up Nina's thigh, her fingers seeking out Nina's heat. She was rewarded when her fingertips collided with the wetness that had collected while Nina reminisced.

"I like it when you think of those memories."

Nina's head dropped back on the couch and she groaned as Buffy's fingers slid inside her, thrusting lazily, her thumb rubbing against Nina's clit. "Yeah. I do too." She gasped when Buffy hit a sensitive spot. "But I like making new ones even better."

Request-mention of Angel, rain