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June 2006
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echo_of_my_soul [userpic]
I'm such a fangirl

Okay, so has anyone else seen the ads for that majorly stupid-looking Amanda Bynes movie, She's the Man? Yeah, I cringe, too.

But one of the geek-dudes had a sweatshirt on that says "Illyria" on the front! *squees over the Angel connection*

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Well Hi There

Hello there unfamiliar name. =) Mind if I add ya back?

Re: Well Hi There

*facepalm* I meant to comment on one of your posts and introduce myself so you didn't think some weird random person was stalking you. I'm normally not this mentally defective, I swear.

*pauses* Well, sarakat might disagree on that one. ;)

Anyway, yes, by all means, add me back! I occasionally troll my flist's flist and find new people who look interesting and funny. I had read numerous posts of Sara's telling how cool and awesome you are, so I checked out your LJ, and lo and behold, she was right! *cough*Shock!*cough* So I friended you.

Thus the story endeth. :D

That's quite alright...

stalkers I can take, I thought you might have been someone I actually know? :giggle: I hope I make for an interesting read at least. =)

And since when did you trust anything that [Unknown LJ tag] had to say? KIDDING SARA!! =P haha

Hee. Did anyone expect at this point that the movie would become a Yuletide perenniel?